The New Zealand Summer Six

The New Zealand Summer Six


Mixed 330ml Six Pack

Here we go team... our brand new NZ Summer Six Pack, the perfect way to celebrate summer with a beer for every occasion! You can buy online or head into your local supermarket or liquor store and ask for one (or two) today!

Also check out the Summer Six videos on our facebook page here and share with your mates! 

Backyard Bitter
4.5% ALC./VOL. | 1.2 STD. DRINKS

Paint the Fence Pale
5.0% ALC./VOL.  1.3 STD. DRINKS

Off the Wharf Wheat
4.5% ALC./VOL.  1.2 STD. DRINKS

On the Barbie Blonde
4.6% ALC./VOL.  1.2 STD. DRINKS

Lawnmower Lager
3.8% ALC./VOL.  1.0 STD. DRINKS

Game Day IPA
6.3% ALC./VOL.  1.6 STD. DRINKS

Limited Edition

6x330ml | Tap

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